Dan Brunn: Reinterpreting Modernist Principles in Minimalist Designs

Dan Brunn is the founder of Dan Brunn Architecture firm, founded in Los Angeles, California in 2005. Dan Brunn Architecture designs and develops commercial and residential projects worldwide and prides itself on crafting architecture that respects the site and provokes a sensuous interaction with the environment. DBA focuses on purposeful modernism that heightens the user’s understanding and connection with the space. Widely published, Dan’s work includes all retail, hospitality, cultural, and residential projects, consistent throughout each is an honoring of materiality, the ability to infuse ethereal natural light, and a tactful “hiding of mechanics.”. The architect utilizes provocative spatial choreography to harmonize light with volume. Inspired by the Bauhaus architecture of his native Tel Aviv, he reinterprets Modernist principles in minimalist designs for living, shopping, and dining. Dan earned a BA in Architecture from USC in 2001 and an MA in Architecture from Harvard University in 2005. He was lead project designer at John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects prior to establishing Dan Brunn Architecture in 2005.

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