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What David's Clients Are Saying

Joe Perry, Aerosmith

“David Frangioni was there with Aerosmith and me from 1989 until early 2000’s, he created and worked with us in an inspiring room at my house........we did together Mark Hudson Livin on the Edge.....Lenny after song ....the Spider-Man cartoon which was my very first all-digital recording.

David has gone onto build some of the biggest and best studios (even on a boat!) God only knows how much art and creativity David has made possible!!! He is the top of the field so who would I turn to if not David Frangioni?!!! Thanks, Joe Perry”

Alex Gonzalez

Drummer, ManÁ

"He’s worked on very famous albums, and he’s done amazing things for studio equipment, he’s designed some of the most amazing personal home studios."

Alex Gonzalez

Baterista, MANÁ

"Estoy muy honrado de llamar mi amigo a David Frangioni, es un gran empresario y ha hecho mucho por la industria de la música."

Eric Singer

Drummer, KISS

"You’re one of a kind, you’re a unique individual, with an entrepreneurial and philanthropy spirit unlike anyone I’ve ever met."

Danny Wood

New Kids on the Block

"Programming, mixing; he’s an incredible engineer, great guy, easy to work with, love him to death, and I highly recommend using him."

Gene Jolly

Senior VP, QSC

"You were just a kid and you were getting heavily into midi technology -  you were doing programming for Aerosmith ... you had figured out how to trigger drums to real samples and so forth. You were the first guy doing it."

Tony Winton

Founder, Key Content

"He is essentially trying to get inside your head about what the end product will be… [David tries] to understand how all the equipment will work together, and how it will operate together in a synergistic way."

Alex Acuña

Drummer & Percussionist

"Oh man, David, I saw you play when you sent me your, you really play excellent!"

Kayne Ferguson

Alliance of Fire

"David’s production on this is amazing, we’re excited about the future and everything that this music holds."

Mark Indelicato

Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

"His experience, musicianship, technological acumen, humanitarian efforts, and enthusiasm are so appreciated by our students."

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