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What does it really take to put a project together, create the most effective synergy of talent (both out front and in the office) drawing from a lifelong contact-list of the best, most integral people in music, technology and business worlds? David Frangioni’s gets results now.


Could your company, event or program use a voice of wisdom from the music, technology and business world?  Could it use a heavy dose of serious inspiration from an internationally acclaimed speaker and author? Frangioni is passionate about sharing what he’s learned throughout his 30+ year career and encourage others to pursue their dreams. David started from zero and built a career that, through his animated and visual presentation, inspires everyone that experiences it.  

David has performed keynotes, motivational speeches, and run team-building exercises for many groups and platforms. If your company, event, conference, television show, or podcast could use the guidance of a music industry, technology & business expert, contact us here for a consultation.

  • Keynotes

  • Motivational Speeches 

  • Team Building


After years of working with companies such as Avid, Digidesign, Akai, Kurzweil, Monster Cable, Alchemy, Passport, Opcode, MOTU, E-Mu, Serato and many others David Frangioni strives to support the careers of established and new artists with creating practical solutions.  The result is David consulting on product features that bring more value to its audience and create a more successful end result.  

David is connected with leaders of today’s music world.  If you’re looking for the world’s top consultation on music, technology and related projects / products, bring Frangioni into the conversation. 

  • Touring

  • Artist Development

  • Studio Projects

Alex Gonzalez

"He’s worked on very famous albums, and he’s done amazing things for studio equipment, he’s designed some of the most amazing personal home studios."

Modular Studios

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Business Services & Deal Making

What does it really take to launch a career in music? Which manager, promotion, and publicist is the best “fit” for your career?  How can you build an all-inclusive recording studio, entire facility or book a successful tour or festival?  How can you combine artists with new visions such as product placement, outlets and new opportunities? As a music speaker and consultant based in Miami, FL, David Frangioni will answer these questions and more to help carve your path in the music business.

  • Networking

  • A&R

  • Industry Relations

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