Is Your Manager a Good Fit?


At Frangioni Media, our artist management consultation services respect your voice

In today’s age of getting discovered on YouTube and other social media platforms, you may think it is unnecessary to have a professional manager for your career.  However, when people start to take notice of your craft and talent, you will need to know how to navigate your next career moves.

A seasoned artist manager and/or artist management team knows what it takes to get the right performances at the right venues, as well as making sure you aren’t getting taken advantage of by people in the industry that think you are naive and inexperienced.

Perhaps you’ve had your high school buddy try to act as a working manager for you, but it hasn’t gotten you anywhere?

Hiring a professional is a completely different experience altogether.  Musicians in Miami, FL and throughout the world know that Frangioni Media is second to none when it comes to providing consultation services for artist management choices.

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2 Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Artist Development Services for You


Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

Countless musicians in Miami, FL and throughout the world are gifted with what has been commonly called “natural talent.”  However, in today’s world of world class musicians sharing their expertise via platforms such as YouTube & TikTok, becoming a great musician is more about how much time a musician works on their craft.

To take hours of practice and turn it into an artistic statement that forms a career, is an endeavor that requires help from only the very best in the music business. Many may claim that they can help you along the journey, but few are really qualified with the experience to do it extremely well.

Musicians who want to take their career to the next level in Miami, FL and throughout the world look to All Access IDA – Inspire & Develop Artists - for guidance to develop their artistry.

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Absorption & Diffusion: The Essentials of Acoustics


Why You Need an Acoustic Engineer for Your Studio, Venue, or Business

The acoustics of a room can make or break the experience inside. If you’ve ever been inside a cathedral, you’ve witnessed how crisp the sounds are and how choral voices float through the air yet the initial sound resonates for many seconds.  On the flip side, we’ve all been in restaurants that were so loud that we couldn’t hear what our friends were saying. A space like that could have used the help of an acoustic engineer.

If you’re a musician with a recording studio, or if you’re building a theater or venue, you’ll also need optimal acoustics for musical purposes. As an acoustic engineer based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and beyond, we’ll share what acoustic treatments achieve and how they will improve your establishment’s sound. Learn more below!

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Play on More Stages with Artist Development Services


How Artist Management Leads to Booking Gigs & Tours

What are your dreams as a musician? Making it on the headline poster for Coachella? Playing the Hollywood Bowl or at Red Rocks? Or maybe you just want to travel the world at any sized venue, sharing your music in new cities, states, and countries.

If you’re a dedicated musician in Los Angeles, CA, have you considered how recording artist career development could bring you to that world tour? Management and touring go hand-in-hand. But when is a musician ready for career services? What does a manager do for touring and booking gigs that you can’t do alone? Find out below.


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How Do Music Career Services Help Musicians and Bands?


If You’re an Artist in L.A., See How Management Will Take You to the Next Level

You’ve recorded songs to fill an EP or LP plus made a music video or two. You know you have the skills to ‘make it’ as a musician. You’re on the lineup at local festivals, albeit your name is in small print near the bottom. You have a lot to be proud of, but do you or your band still feel stuck trying to break into the music industry?

While it’s possible to DIY with Soundcloud and Spotify, it takes a team, led by a manager or artist development professional to get your songs known across the country and ultimately internationally. Even Justin Bieber, who got his start on YouTube, became a star when he partnered with industry icon Scooter Braun, his manager. Is it time for you to work with an artist development professional and/or manager? If you’re serious about a music career, the answer is yes.

If you’re unsure of what either a manager or artist development pro can do for you, we share the ins and outs of the partnership below. Continue reading to see how David Frangioni’s music career services will help you thrive in Los Angeles, CA, and throughout the world.


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Why London Indie Artists Will Benefit from a Music Manager


Ways Music Management Services Can Bring Your Career to the Top

Whether you’re a folk singer, rock artist or a rapper, you know how difficult it is to grow an audience and make a living off your music. It’s especially tough in London, where the competition is high for gigs and notability. But if you’re serious about a career in music, there are concrete steps you can take to reach your dreams. Whether that’s touring Europe or becoming a top artist on Spotify, a music manager can help you get there.

You may be wondering, is it really necessary to hire a manager? While you make think now is the time to save costs, music management at the start of your career makes all the difference. Continue reading to see how your presence in London, England, will grow, and why you should hire a manager now.


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What You Need In A Music Manager


What to Look for in Artist Development Services in Miami, FL

A good music manager can change the entire course of your career. There are many important things to consider when choosing a music manager. Learn what to look for in artist development services in Miami, FL.

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What Can a Music Manager Do for Your Career?


Understanding the Impact of Artist Management Services

There is only so much one person can do independently, and just like raising a child, it takes a village to make an artist or band successful. Every legendary musician had a team of people helping them accomplish their goals. If you’re serious about making a living in music, you’ll likely need a music manager to take your career from dreams to reality.     

As an award-winning artist management group based in Miami, FL, at IDA, we have years of experience getting musicians’ careers off the ground and helping them navigate the industry. To learn what artist management services can do for your career, continue reading below.


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Why Serious Musicians Should Partner with an Acoustic Designer


What Does an Acoustic Designer Do?

After your equipment such as microphone, computer, and instruments, arguably the most important part of a recording studio is the acoustics.  If acoustics were not necessary, we’d all just record in our living rooms or bedrooms.  Why would anyone build special rooms for recording if it weren’t to capture excellent and isolated sound quality?  A proper recording studio offers the quintessential environment to create and capture at a world class level!

If you’re building a high-end studio, you’ll benefit by partnering with an acoustic designer. But what is an acoustic designer? Based in Miami, FL, David Frangioni is a world-renowned studio designer who has worked with everyone from Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones to Shakira. Let’s dive into what makes acoustic treatments essential, and what an acoustic engineer can do for your studio!

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