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How Artist Management Leads to Booking Gigs & Tours

What are your dreams as a musician? Making it on the headline poster for Coachella? Playing the Hollywood Bowl or at Red Rocks? Or maybe you just want to travel the world at any sized venue, sharing your music in new cities, states, and countries.

If you’re a dedicated musician in Los Angeles, CA, have you considered how recording artist career development could bring you to that world tour? Management and touring go hand-in-hand. But when is a musician ready for career services? What does a manager do for touring and booking gigs that you can’t do alone? Find out below.


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When Am I Ready to Work with an Agent?

It’s tricky to know when in an artist’s career is the right time to partner with an agent, usually through music management. It is not typical for agents to work with brand new talent.  Ideally, you would have had some experience landing your own shows and have a decent following already, growing your audience show-by-show.  If you’re ready to jump to the next level of your career—perhaps from local gigs to national or international—that’s the best time to partner with an agent. If you feel ready to expand out of town but are having little luck, an agent has the connections to bring you there, taking only a small percentage of your gigs’ income.


What Should I Do When Partnering with a Manager?  

Our advice? Always tell the truth. One of the worst things a musician can do for himself is lie about the numbers. If you say you sold 400 tickets last month when it was only 40, your management won’t be able to find the right fit for your band, and you will ultimately self-sabotage the plan. Additionally, be ready to make commitments. Your manager will plan six months or more in advance for well-timed music releases, tours, even TV appearances. If you are constantly canceling or are unable to commit, that will burn bridges and damage your career.


How Can A Manager Help Book Shows & Tours?

Your manager will seek as many performance opportunities as possible to help enrich your portfolio and career. They’ll work with an agent, promoters and even festivals with connections to the top people running it, which independent artists will find hard to do. You won’t have to go through an application process for anything. Your manager’s good rapport in the industry makes scouting, pitching, and signing acts much easier. They’ll make a detailed touring plan based around music releases, putting you in the right place at precisely the right time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any of this. You’ll continue with your creativity and writing songs, doing what you do best.


Are you ready for recording artist career development in Los Angeles, CA, and cities worldwide? Contact Frangioni Media to get started.

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